Snowman threw a log in the forest

A record appeared in the World Wide Web in the Canadian
Alberta by a certain Matt Dee. Amazing movie
Shows a mysterious dark figure in the forest, throwing up
high in the air is a long log. It is a powerful humanoid
animal suspiciously like a well-known snowman
therefore, world cryptozoologists were immediately interested in the material.
One of these experts analyzes the mysterious footage on video

The researcher reports that the creature between the trees should
have superhuman strength. Three to four times log length
exceeds the length of the body and the head of the intended yeti together
taken, that is equal to about 4 meters. Cryptozoologist
used a special weight calculator and determined that the mass
This log is probably over 23 kilograms. With
this clearly shows on the record that a possible bigfoot is throwing him,
like a branch without any effort, not accelerating and not withdrawing his hand
(or, most likely, a paw) too far behind the back. With этом полено
flies at least 12 meters. Could even do it
Olympic champion in throwing shells? Unlikely.

However, why did the yeti need to throw the log at the edge of the forest?
Maybe he did the exercises, which is unlikely? Or simply
had fun? Or maybe he hunted in this way? By the way, not
it’s worth forgetting that there were people nearby. It is possible that
angry with their presence, sasquoche decided to scare away unwanted
guests from their territory, throwing a log in their direction. As if
however, you should stay away from snow people, otherwise
such a log is easy to suffer.

However, the snowman, according to experts,
towards a person behaves mostly benevolently
trying not to meet and not to conflict. Having some
supernatural abilities, he can easily leave –
almost instantly and fantastically safe for yourself, why
they still cannot catch him or even shoot him. therefore
throwing logs in people he seems to be useless, so the unique
the record put cryptozoologists confused – unambiguous
the answer, what caused such “charging” the yeti, was not received.
At least the video itself, even with careful analysis of it,
doesn’t really explain anything …

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