Snowman Video in Canadian Forestinterested cryptozoologists

Ordinary Canadian family who went to the beginning of the month
walk in the woods, captured something amazing on the camera of the smartphone.
Eyewitnesses say that they saw a tall upright creature with
red wool, making its way through the windbreak. Monster height
was about three meters, and he looked incredibly strong,
agile and dangerous. Our heroes carefully filmed the humanoid
monster on video and hurried off to not get into his

Needless to say, Canadians immediately thought of snow
man Some users of the World Wide Web felt that
it may be a bear-rod, however, cryptozoologists are quickly
denied such a hunch. According to them, the grizzly bear has another
statur and moves completely wrong, getting up on his hind legs
only when necessary, which is extremely rare. But
a creature that can be seen on the mysterious video below,
uniquely upright and more like a monkey, although so
large monkeys, especially those living in cold Canada,
official science is not known. Meet her there would even be
more amazing than the yeti. So this is a snowman.

Remarkably, learning the legendary yeti is not
the prerogative of cryptozoologists alone. All over the world there is
many experts who do not consider relic
hominid survivors from the prehistoric era. Alone
such researchers believe that the snow man comes from
parallel world. Others are convinced that he is a stranger with
another planet. In the third opinion, what we call the yeti is
the spirit of nature is like a lesh. Finally, there are those who see in
there is a terrible mutation sacrifice. Be that as it may, Bigfoot never
managed to catch or at least take a close-up photograph, and therefore
this cryptide still remains one of the greatest mysteries
of our planet.

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