Snowman, walking through a forest glade,accidentally hit the lens of a video camera

May 5th on the popular YouTube channel “Nv Tv” dedicated to
the snowman’s observations
remarkable video.

To date, he has already collected over 210 thousand views.
Amazing footage recently taken somewhere in North America
demonstrate a certain teenager riding around a forest glade on
four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle. The young man decided to capture his stunts
on the video, so set the camera on a stump.

Rolling up and snatching himself, our hero took the recording
device and left. After viewing the received video at home, he came to
some confusion, suddenly noticing in the background, near
the edge of the forest, an unusual stranger. Tall and dark humanoid
the figure appeared at a certain point because of the bushes and headed
under the shade of trees. As the author of the record, and his relatives, whom he
immediately showed these shots, they thought that he accidentally hit the video
real bigfoot.

Many users of the World Wide Web also concluded that
we are talking about the legendary cryptide.

This is the best way to capture them on camera – when they don’t
know that they are being shot, ”one of the commentators wrote on

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