Society of supporters of the theory of flat Earthfirst organized a conference

Society of supporters of the theory of flat Earth — это реальная
american organization. Even in our days, when cosmic
agencies provide us with thousands of photos and videos of our
planets made from space are many individuals
who don’t believe it. According to such skeptics, the Earth is
flat, and the powers that be for various reasons hide this

Despite the fact that the modern Society of supporters of the theory
flat Earth appeared in 1956, to date it
Representatives never organized international conventions. Now
same members of this organization from across the earth’s disk (and
otherwise, not from the ball, in their opinion) gathered in the city of Raleigh state
North Carolina to host the first ever International

Darryl Marble spoke at the event, known for
once took a measurement level on a plane to prove
the earth’s plane. Her company was Mark Sargent,
advocating the idea that we all live under a giant
the dome. The conference topics were: “NASA and others
space liars “,” Flat Earth and the scientific method “,” Check
sphericity of the Earth “and so on.

By the way, at the conference, for example, it was seriously discussed
the question of space travels of earthlings, or rather, about
the hoaxes of such travels, since, according to supporters
the theory of a flat Earth, nobody ever flew into space, not even Yuri
Gagarin, not to mention the American lunar projects that
Today even Orthodox scholars ridicule. And therefore the whole
the space race between the USA and the USSR is a soap bubble,
invented in the last century by globalist illuminati to
with impunity to cut state budgets for their needs
of these powers, deceiving people with space tasks. By the way, for this
The reason for this is that none of the parties resented the obvious punctures in
hoaxes, for example, the Soviet Union, surprisingly many,
somehow kept silent when the lunar projects of the United States were so
naive that only the blind could not fail to notice. By this
the reason the USSR and the United States suddenly out of the blue
projects – as a team (as a team this was done).

The congress, as reported by the organizers, was attended by more than 8 hundred.
person. How many people on our planet believe that
is flat, impossible to say yet. Even past
the conference found it difficult to answer this question, although they called
приблизительные цифры в несколько миллионов person. But the most
most importantly, thanks to the Internet, the number of supporters of the theory of flat
Earth is constantly growing. This is an indisputable fact that
surprises and depresses some scientists: another world is born

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