Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 canwatch live

In the United States, almost from Oregon to the South
Carolina, today a total solar eclipse will occur – a phenomenon
quite rare and observable, as we see, not all over the Earth.

Most areas of the United States will plunge into “darkness”
about three minutes (or a little less than this), namely the inhabitants
North America has already dubbed this day – the Great Day
American eclipse. According to analysts, it will be observed
just over 30 percent of the US population. The rest of the inhabitants of the planet
can only admire this rare celestial phenomenon
through live cameras that appeared on
YouTube video hosting has several pieces.

We also invite you to join this “madness”,
since we recall that the shamans of the Navajo Indian tribe are not
It is recommended to look at the “black” sun: according to their belief – this
the strictest tabo, the violation of which will surely bring trouble on
the head who committed this ill-conceived act.

Nevertheless, as the cartographer Michael Seiler writes, all his
conscious life involved in solar eclipses, at least 8
million inhabitants of North America thoroughly prepared for
today, many of them went on group trips to
unique places from which to observe the “great American eclipse”
will be most comfortable and convenient.

Well, as they say to the free will, and if you think that
the warning of Indian sorcerers is no more than a superstition, you, too
there is a chance at least through the camera and to admire this heavenly
marvel Moreover, what if the camera softens or even removes this
terrible Indian ban? ..

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