Some misconceptions that we keep onbelieve

For example, we all know that the Sun is yellow. You can even
paint it in red, orange, which is exactly what the artists do,
but our light is white. And all kinds of colors and shades,
especially during a spectacular sunset – it’s all from the refraction
light rays in the atmosphere with the subsequent distortion of our perception

We also think that the greatest desert of the world is the Sahara, although
desert is not necessarily sandy terrain without vegetation.
A more precise definition of the desert – a flat area with
sparse or completely absent flora. Therefore the most awesome
desert on Earth – Antarctica.

It’s hard to even say when people began to believe that the Great
the Chinese wall can be seen from space (in past centuries, for example,
people believed that it should be visible even from the moon). However neither
one of the astronauts who ascended to the Earth’s orbit (about
American astronauts allegedly visited the moon say no
We will), did not see it, and it is impossible: the Chinese wall in
mostly earthen (usual barrier shaft) or stone, according to
color little different from the surrounding landscape. But even
its brick part is very narrow, just 9 meters away – such a “hair”
from space do not make out.

It is said that lightning, like a shell, two times in one place is not
hits. This is also not true – for example, a skyscraper
The empire state building sometimes takes several lightning bolts for one
stormy night.

Some misconceptions that seem to us even

And Everest, as it turned out, is not the highest mountain on Earth, if
consider tops, guided by various counts. So,
Mauna Kea mountain from the foot much higher than Everest – almost 2
kilometers, it just stands in the sea, and its air part is not so
and great. And if the countdown is from the center of the earth, then the highest
will be the top of Chimborazo, due to the fact that it is located on
equator, and our Earth, as it turned out, is far from ideal
spherical shape (another human delusion), and
flattened at the poles.

Well, and who does not know that water conducts electricity? Many this
experienced even in their own skin, not by chance in damp places with
wiring people even work in rubber shoes. but
electricity in water is actually carried out by various impurities
and salt, distilled water is an excellent dielectric.

Is there weightlessness in space? A strange question, isn’t it?
but ее там нет, гравитацией во Вселенной заполнено исключительно
everything. Why, for example, cosmonauts of the ISS “float” through the air on
station, although the acceleration of free fall on it is only 10
percent less than on earth? The fact is that the ISS is constantly
moves, creating a free fall effect for people, an effect so
called weightlessness.

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