Some of the lights captured by the observatory,are not stars

Famous UFO community “UFO Sightings Hotspot”
published another interesting news.

Experts say that the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope,
located on top of the American volcano Mauna Kea,
captured on March 6 something amazing. Famous Observatory
filmed the night sky by slow motion, and besides the stars,
mysterious lights have fallen into the lens of the local webcam, which
definitely not massive gas balls in the depths

Turning on the video below, you will see a dotted
many stars the sky. It would seem nothing unusual in this
not. However, if you look closely, in the upper right corner
frame you can see a cluster of light points that move
across the sky, that is, they behave quite differently from the stars. These
unidentified flying objects were clearly in our atmosphere
the planets and disguised as distant luminaries. If someone took off
this part of the sky in the usual way, mysterious UFOs would be
indistinguishable from the stars, but slow motion allowed to reveal
�”Inappropriate” lights here.

But what do these objects represent? Strange atmospheric
anomalies or maybe the aircraft of representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization? Ufologists refuse to approve anything with
confidence, however, suggest that the webcam lens
Hawaiian Observatory got something very unusual. First of all,
this phenomenon is clearly unique, not yet observed by anyone, and secondly,
astronomers cannot yet explain the origin of these
mysterious lights.

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