Someone or something disguised as leadingwestern tv channels

Perhaps this is another ridiculous conspiracy
theory, but its author provides quite convincing
evidence of his words. One of the users known
video hosting “YouTube” for a long time watching
American news and suddenly noticed quite strange behavior
leading. By turning on the following entry, you can watch
This is a mysterious phenomenon themselves. You don’t even need to understand English.
language, in order to see what the author of this video means.
Curious and very suspicious, is not it?

It turns out that there is not a single American television
announcer whose words would be unique. Often these people say
the same thing, word for word and almost synchronously, like the most
real robots! How is this possible, conspiracy theorists do not know yet
but determined to find out. In the United States, most
TV channels are direct competitors to each other, and speech for
Commentators write completely different people whose income depends
it is from the uniqueness of these speeches. At least it was
It is considered to date. Reality comes out
is completely different, that is, the exact opposite.

Some believe that American presenters are actually
robots, holograms or even aliens disguised as
people. Others are confident that the so-called
�”Matrix”, where humanity supposedly lives. According to the third, goes
purposeful zombie viewers, and for brainwashing
special phrases are used that are repeated in all the news.
Finally, the fourth ones put forward a rather mundane hypothesis that
that the owners of TV channels still save on the speeches of their speakers and
buy them from the same hacks. Anyway, this interesting
Riddle remains unsolved.

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