Someone, perhaps the Yeti, came close tovideo trap in the forest

The following video was obtained recently by Canadian
cryptozoologists leading web-show “Mountain Beast Mysteries”.
Bigfoot hunters tell that they left in the woods
Quebec has several video traps, and one of them captures something

Starting at 4:50 you can notice how the camera starts
shake. Experts are sure that someone approached her from the side and
tried to remove from the tree. Something even more happens later.
unexpected. Mysterious shaggy object, similar to someone heavy
paw arises right in front of the lens recording

Canadians believe that the curious and mischievous snowman
approached a tree with a camera and wished to separate the apparatus from
the trunk. Alas, the video trap was firmly “fastened” to the tree, and
therefore did not yield to the efforts of the yeti. Cryptozoologists say that
the alleged bigfoot never stood in front of the camera, as if
I understood what it is for. No wonder these creatures are not endowed
only by reason, but also by some superpowers, for example,
telepathy, hypnosis and even teleportation.

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