Someone put on a mysterious Indiana treemetal ring

User “Reddit” published in the section of the site,
dedicated to mysterious phenomena, rather unusual shot.
The girl says she lives in Indiana and recently went with
friends from the forest to the north of the state where I discovered something

During their campaign, the Americans unexpectedly came across
a strange pine tree with two trunks, one of which was worn
solid metal circle without any welds, i.e.
This iron hoop is clearly made integral in the factory.
Our heroine and her comrades immediately asked a reasonable question: how
way this piece of iron was here? Obviously massive
the crown would not allow someone to just throw a ring on

Some users of the resource quickly found this phenomenon quite
rational explanation. In their opinion, this is a tire cart,
which has been here for a long time. Pine, they say, once
sprouted inside it, and now the conifer tree will not get rid of
such a hoop without help. However, it is doubtful that
The rusty circle causes the plant any inconvenience.

But other commentators – jokingly or not – began
to assert that the fault of the witch, the spirits of nature, the gap
space-time continuum or failure of the Matrix.
It remains to hope that they are still wrong, because even
the most incredible phenomena most often found logical
explanation. But even when scientists are not able to
to make, reality itself “turns” in this case into a certain
a fairy tale or mystic only for man, but not for nature –
this omnipotent and all-encompassing force that surrounds and preserves us,
part of which is and this is an amazing tree with an iron
hoop …

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