Someone sends an American photos of frighteningcreatures

American being a user of the famous
social news portal “Reddit”, shared with others
site haunters intimidating snapshot.

The man says that these photos he started recently
come in the mobile application messenger “Discord”. Unknown
the sender sends frames to our hero, on each of which
depicts a mysterious creepy creature looking at the photographer
through various gaps and holes. Recipient of mysterious concept photo
does not have, why someone sends them to him. And the main thing is that on them
depicted: some real creature or something much more

Many users of “Reddit” thought it was some kind of
a toy. For example, the electronic talking robot “Ferbie”,
which was quite popular in the late 90s. Others have decided that this
a brownie or evil gnome living in the house of an unknown photographer.
According to the third, this is the real ghost. Fourth
sure it’s an owl.

Here is what one of the commentators wrote:

Dear author or author of the publication! I’m lying in bed with
smartphone in my hands and trying to sleep, and this thing is laid out
The picture you take doesn’t help me at all! Even if it’s damn
�”Ferbie”, the photo is really scary! My sister once
there were many such toys, but I do not remember that at least one of them
there were such realistic eyes. I would not want to be on the spot
that person who notices something similar in the crevices of his

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