Someone turns the mysterious lights on and offheaven

In the city of Pasay in the Philippines, a strange phenomenon was observed at night
the sky. This is how the author of the video describes him – one of the women
this small town:

It was the most usual summer night. And suddenly I noticed in the sky
strange glow, or bluish, but rather purple
a shade that pierced through the clouds and alarmed or even
fascinated (as for me). And it lasted quite
for a long time, since at first I didn’t even think about filming it all on video,
and then decided – the mysterious glow will be interesting to others.
By the way, at this moment there was not even a hint of a thunderstorm, and the Moon was shining
(or rather, she also made her way through the clouds) with quite
the other side of the firmament. And then the light in the sky … as if someone
turned off – instantly, as they do, for example, with sconces. Simply
amazingly …

The video has already interested many researchers.
paranormal phenomena, however the unequivocal answer of what it is,
no one has yet.

  • Most likely, some of them write, it is connected somehow with
    Earth’s magnetic field, like the northern lights, although for the Philippines –
    it is nonsense, then the light was kind of stable, too even and
    very strangely turned off if you believe the operator who did not show
    us this moment.
  • More like the attempts of our scientists to control the weather, they write
    other users. In any case, it is interesting, but to the truth
    it will still not be possible to get to the bottom, as of late
    only does not occur – mysterious trumpet sounds from the sky,
    all kinds of anomalies like the violet glow of today,
    then periodically appear clearly sensible clouds, like signs
    above, ghostly cities fly over the Earth, not to mention
    increased ufo activity and so on and so forth. Generally,
    waiting for the end of the world, which is clearly approaching …
  • Do not panic, others say, such things with
    nature apparently happened before. Simply тогда не было у
    everyone in the pocket of the camcorder, the Internet and other modern
    means of disseminating information. So no one knew anything.
    For scientists are not able to explain all this, but simply to write and
    no one in the past would frighten the public
    allowed, and they did not have such opportunities. Therefore, we call
    this glow is one of the many inexplicable wonders of the earth, admiring
    they are not even trying to hear from scientists what it is …

If mysterious lights are turned on and off in the sky, it means
someone needs – poetic, is not it? ..

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