Something got into the surveillance cameraunexplained

On one of the buildings of the Peruvian port city of Bavrranka,
located on the waterfront, a video camera is installed, which is
ночь с 11 на 12 марта зафиксировала нечто совершенно unexplained.
Mysterious luminous object of a strange, constantly changing, shape
suddenly appeared in front of the lens and for 40 seconds chained to
imagine the “attention” of the DVR.

The video, despite its low “night” quality,
scattered on the Internet and caused controversial judgments.
A strange glow in the sky over Avenida Grau, many have mistaken for a UFO,
Especially since the doubters in the authenticity of the video are practically not
found Others thought that glare from
street lighting, that is, there was a so-called
psychosocial phenomenon using fake images. Data
skeptics advised the authors of such videos here using
surveillance cameras catching thieves and other criminals, not
aliens and ghosts.

However, there were cybernuts who are sure that this is not
an alien and not a paradolic illusion, but a rare natural phenomenon,
as, for example, Brokensky ghost. Such, they say, outbreaks are rare, but
happen in the atmosphere. However, about the rare anomalous phenomena,
which many people take for a miracle, it is better to look
interesting documentary “Anomalies or wonders” from the series
�”Secret Territories” (video at the bottom of the article).

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