Something is happening in the English monasteryamenable to rational explanation

In the overseas segment of the World Wide Web recently appeared
creepy video made in an English monastery “St
Osyth’s Priory. This priorat is located in the village.
St Osayth, northeast of Essex, was founded in 1121
year It is believed that the building is inhabited by evil spirits, although where does it come from?
took in such a sacred place, no one knows. Maybe here
there was no major tragedy that aroused in
monastery evil forces?

The video below was filmed in January of this year.
a group of British researchers of supernatural phenomena.
Specialists visited St Osyth’s Priory to capture
something unusual, and most likely, they succeeded. Sinister
the videos demonstrate how one of the expedition members begins
change face. Her eyes turn white, creepy appears
inhuman grin. You might think that this is footage from
some Hollywood horror movie, but not from the recording,
made by an amateur camera.

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