Something mysterious swept over the skyChile

It happened on the evening of September 25th. Santiago resident
Francisco Garcia saw and even managed to video a strange
a phenomenon in the sky.

It was something fiery, moving across the sky, wrote
he that immediately interested me. But the most amazing
it turned out to be a continuation: something very separated from the fiery object
like a capsule and flew down – to the ground.

Internet users are at a loss: what is it? there is
the assumption that this is a huge interplanetary alien spacecraft,
who at some point dropped the troops or capsules to the ground.
Others believe that this is some kind of natural phenomenon related
perhaps with the sun and clouds (optical effect). Third all
believe that this is a meteor, or simply space debris.

However, it is very difficult to tie this fire passage to the clouds:
it differs too much from them in its path, hence the optical
effect can be excluded. In addition, as many users have noticed
Network, the object moves in a certain direction towards the earth and when
This something gives it acceleration. That is, it is not messy and
not a random movement, and therefore more like a focused
flight. Like it or not, but it turns out that filmed Francisco Garcia UFO
may well be an alien ship.

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