Something snarled at the ghost hunter inold masonic home

34-year-old spouses Rebecca Palmer and Sean Reynolds being
one of the most famous British ghostbusters,
claim that once again faced with an inexplicable phenomenon
our reality. Paranormalism researchers visited
recently 300-year-old village house Woolton Hall in the vicinity
Liverpool, once owned by a member of the Masonic movement.
Once in the building, the woman immediately felt inside
presence of a hostile otherworldly force.

Palmer used a protective bracelet with special
crystals, so as not to be offended, and then from the depths of the dark
the night house suddenly heard a terrible dissatisfied growl: not that
human, not even bestial. Turning on the one below
video, you can hear it with your own ears. Rebecca and Sean
We are convinced that the restless spirit of the mason, who most likely was at
life sexist, did not want to tolerate the presence in his home
representatives of the weaker sex. Our heroine told reporters
tabloid “Mirror” the following:

A terrible feeling washed over me as soon as we entered the
this house. When we climbed the stairs to the second floor, the feeling
it became increasingly oppressive and unpleasant. I started
watery eyes, and the neck began to burn, as if someone had put on
her hot palms. I seriously feared there for my safety.
Our cameraman Andy handed me a protective bracelet, and when I put on
him, it all stopped. However, from the dark corridor suddenly heard
this terrible roar. Embittered spirit was not at all glad that I
managed to protect himself from him. By the way, our second operator, Jane,
I also felt bad and almost lost consciousness there.
Obviously, the ghost did not want women in his house. WITH
men were all right, they did not feel any
nausea and anxiety. This is not surprising, since
Masonic meetings the presence of women was simply unacceptable.
Perhaps the restless spirit of inertia has so far tried to comply
these rules that a person zealously followed in his lifetime.

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