Something strange is happening near ourThe sun

If you refer to the insider site Above Top, the most
a significant “cosmic event” of the last days is highlighted here
news about fantastic actions of not less mysterious objects
возле нашего The sun.

This strange activity is clearly man-made aircraft,
which do not just fly around the luminary, but also give rays to each other
as a friend, so shocking that some conspiracy therapists and ufologists
seriously suggested that in space there is a little war between
representatives of different civilizations.

That’s just a war for what, and how it all will affect our life
civilization on earth?

This is how a famous American astronomer comments on this event.
Geoffrey William Marcy (Jeffrey Marcy), who, as a professor
University of California at one time opened 70 of the first 100
exoplanets discovered in the universe:

Around us just boils up cosmic life, occur
grand events that we don’t know anything about. we
like blind kittens, on which the powers that be are still dressed and
leashes so that we could not even get close to this knowledge.
For example, workers at the Green Bank Observatory, who have excellent
телескоп, передают мне: возле The sun 9 июля зарегистрирована
amazing activity of objects of clearly artificial origin.
But the general public is unlikely to know about it …

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