Something “withdrawn” in flight Russian noseaircraft

The aircraft of the domestic airline Polar Airlines,
flying July 20 from the village of Olenek to Yakutsk, in a mysterious way
received an unusual damage to the fuselage.

During the flight, the nose of the turboprop airliner
�”An-24″ was like someone eaten or exposed
incredibly strong acid. On board the aircraft were
several crew members and more than thirty passengers. Luckily,
none of them was hurt.

Representatives of Polar Airlines and the Federal Agency
air transport, engaged in the investigation of the incident, give
very vague explanation of what happened.

According to them, unfavorable weather conditions were to blame, and
the plane suffered from lightning or hail. Like, this is rare, but
it happens. Well, that experienced captain Nikolai Starostin managed
safely plant the car at the right time and in the right place
despite the fact that in the nose of the airliner a real

But, as you might guess, not everyone believes like

The mysterious incident quickly interested Russian and
foreign researchers paranormalschiny. According to alternative
experts, the aircraft could not receive such damage in
result of bad weather or collision with a flock of birds. Ufologists
are convinced that the An-24 was attacked by an unidentified flying
an object or collided in the air with some mysterious
anomaly. A carrier and officials, they say, hide from us
the truth.

However, it is not necessary to think that scientists hide the truth only in
if it is related to aliens or something
the beyond. Most often they do this when they themselves explain
can not do anything. In this case, the men of science think best
best to reassure the public with the most primitive
explanations, and there let someone what he thinks – it does not matter …

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