Sometimes animals are not just surprised, but literallyamaze

For example, something similar happened to a resident of Northern
Caroline USA by James Eubanks, who suddenly began to deliver
(who knows) newspapers that he did not subscribe. Last week
He found several such “mysterious
parcels ”, and soon the telephone was joined to the newspapers
reference books and other subscription “waste paper”.

But when ten newspapers appeared right in front of the door, an American
not jokingly attended to. Not to say scared but, in truth
saying he really wanted this whole mess to end
As soon as possible. And for this you need to catch bullies who
wounded at night (parcels were found in the morning).

And then Eubanks makes the simplest decision – sets
near his home is a surveillance camera with a motion sensor capable of
catch any movement in the yard and take a picture immediately.
It is clear that the man ultimately revealed this secret, what about
easier told his friends and acquaintances on Facebook.

Look, he writes, these are the most common gray foxes, there are a whole of them
Group. I specially spread received from the DVR
pictures, because to believe it in words is simply impossible.

Users of the social network, of course, immediately believed James
Eubanks, but they still have questions to … who knows. Here is

  • Why do North Carolina foxes deliver newspapers to an American
    reference books, why he, and not someone else, why not
    all in a row living in that area?
  • Where do these foxes take the mail to deliver it to James, i.e.
    what boxes of paid subscribers they clean, and again, why
    these particular boxes?

It seems that the animals are just having fun, but
have fun quite original, at a level quite high
consciousness, which many of us have foxes and did not suspect.

Or maybe we just underestimate animals, and, moreover, as earthly,
and sea, for example, the video below shows the episode when
the whale swims to the beach and literally begins to splash in the coastal
the waters are clearly with some purpose in relation to the rest at that moment
on the sea.

Like gray foxes carrying someone else’s mail, so does the whale that sailed to
people who are resting on the beach, it is absolutely impossible to understand
поступки не просто удивляют, а буквально amaze наше воображение.
To say that animals in this case are guided only
by instinct is to say nothing. There’s something completely different
and certainly conscious and purposeful. But what?..

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