South Africa is still flourishingcannibalism

As reported by News2, in Estcourt
KwaZulu-Natal South Africa a huge number of locals
took part in the real cannibal festival – by
occasion of an important tribal event. The dishes for this celebration were
prepared from the so-called uninvited guests. Probably,
meant visitors or some enemies.

И хотя церемония cannibalismа проходила тайно, совершенно
accidentally it became known to the authorities, who were horrified by
such barbarism. One of the participants in the cannibal ceremony
drunk and in such a state came to the police station with
a complaint against a witch who made this whole feast. Wherein
drunk held in his hand the uneaten portion of the leg – obviously

During the interrogation, the resident told about his three more
friends who took part in this ritual celebration, and so
way the police succeeded in hot pursuit to arrest Lungisani
Magubane (30 years old), Shtembiso Sithole (31 years old), Nino Mbatha (32
year), Lindokule Masondo (32 years). They all stand trial
Magistrates city Estkort.

However, this terrible events of the South African town
are over. Police began investigating the district
Rensburgdrift discovered the “kitchen” of the cannibal festival – a whole
dump human bones and internal organs.

The interrogation of arrested participants showed that the holiday was
organized by the local “nyanga” (healer), which in
reality is a black witch and a criminal. A little bit
later, in her house were found whole deposits of fragments of human
bones. However, the police did not manage to catch the nyanga
then …

Colonel of the local police Tembek Mbele organized a meeting
residents of the town. During this event, people were told about
what happened, and also distributed questionnaires. That is, anonymous was held
survey to find out who else was involved in cannibal
holiday and regularly consume meat people.

The result of the survey shocked local authorities, because of the seven hundred
Of those surveyed, almost half admitted that one way or another
participated in this tribal ritual celebration
cannibalismа. Moreover, many residents of Estkort admitted that
they regularly eat human meat and also secretly dig up
the graves of the dead in order to get the bones from which they make
amulets that bring them wealth and protect them from evil spirits.

This is the level of civilization development in South Africa with
процветающим cannibalismом, в то время как на другом конце планеты
mass slaughter of people is being prepared with the help of atomic, chemical,
biological, psychotropic, and now also climatic
weapons. And therefore not even understand what is better, but one thing is clear –
civilized man of Europe and America left from cannibals of Africa
not so far, if not more – has slipped even lower …

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