Soy sprout sprouts from live rats

Indian farmer Datar Singh from Ratlam district
Madhya Pradesh, was amazed to the depths of his soul when he discovered
in its field a rat from whose body a fully grown small
soy bush. The author of the finding concluded that the rodent injured his neck,
and a soybean seed accidentally got into the wound.

Thanks to some miracle of nature, the legume has managed to grow into
internals of a rodent, reaching a length of about 25 sentiments and
dismissing green leaves. According to Singh, he planted soybeans in this
place about 40 days ago, which may mean that the unfortunate
the creature has been living with the plant in its body for about a month.

Of course, having made such an amazing find, the farmer was the first to
captured it on video and demonstrated to others. None
less, the Indians soon realized that the animal was suffering greatly
because of the roots that have spread in his body, and with difficulty
moves around. As a result, Singh and his comrades decided quickly and
painlessly kill the rat to save it from suffering.

Many World Wide Web users by viewing submitted
below the movie, they remembered the Hollywood horror film “Ruins”, in which
intelligent carnivorous plants germinated within their victims.

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