Space mission went to MercuryBepiColombo

Yesterday early in the morning Moscow time from French
Kourou space center successfully launched a space mission on
комплексному изучению Меркурия – BepiColombo. Note that in her
Not only European countries are participating, including
Russia, but also Japan is a joint project of the Japanese and
European space agencies.

Mercury is a little-studied planet of our solar system, with
this is of great interest to scientists. But all the complexity
is that this planet is too close to
Luminary, and therefore deliver to her satellite in the usual way, like,
let’s say, to mars, fail.

As explained by the Space Research Officer of the Russian Academy of Sciences
L.Ksanfomaliti, any apparatus launched to Mercury will pick up such
the speed that it cannot be repaid by any modern
technique. That is why in the present case the original one is used.
the decision of the Italian scientist Giuseppe Colombo (in honor of him and
названа миссия — BepiColombo), который еще в прошлом веке предложил
use rocket gravitational maneuvers near internal

Благодаря таким маневрам аппарат BepiColombo, состоящая из двух
orbiters (planetary and magnetospheric) and carrier module,
a year and a half will go out of the Earth’s orbit, then double it
Venus will fly past its goal six times – Mercury. And only in
the end of 2025, having covered more than nine billion kilometers, he
successfully goes into orbit of the smallest and hottest planet
our SS.

According to the plan, BepiColombo will operate in the orbit of Mercury,
at least two years collecting various information about him, for example
even exploring how the planet interacts with the solar wind.

In the unique space mission will be attended by two Russian
instrument developed at IKI RAS – ultraviolet spectrometer
PHEBUS and gamma neutron spectrometer MGNS.

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