SpaceX’s launch of the Falcon 9 rocket bystanderstaken for an alien invasion

Жители штата Калифорния США taken for an alien invasion
launch of the Falcon 9 rocket, which is late in the evening on December 23 of this year
launched by SpaceX. The rocket launch made such a stir
among Americans that the Internet is literally flooded with photos and
video about this event.

In fact, a launch vehicle with ten satellites launched at
saturday night from the airborne vandenberg, however during
her dispersal, she really left behind an impressive
a train that scared the people of California.

The strange glow in the sky lasted no more than three minutes,
however, it generated thousands of shots and hundreds of videos, almost
all the authors of these “creations” are still sure that
the evening something unusual happened. And because even the official
sunday message on tv channels that it was a regular launch
rockets that occur quite often in space exploration,
not very convinced some Americans and even ufologists who
We are confident that the United States authorities are hiding something again.

We invite you to watch several videos that
show how excited people were at that moment what they were talking about
shouted and feared. In any case, this is strange for our
time incident deserves attention if only because
Americans, it turns out, are actually waiting for the invasion
aliens …

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