Spaniard has been living in glass for thirteen years.cage, unable to touch loved ones

53-year-old Juan Munoz from the Spanish city of Cadiz for 13 years
lives in a real glass cage, almost unable to
leave your own home or at least touch your family.
Despite the fact that this is a real prison, it is thanks to her
the woman is still alive. At least, so say the doctors.

In 1989, Munoz was diagnosed immediately four life-threatening
diseases: multiple sensitivity to chemicals
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and
electrosensitivity. Because of this, since 2005 Spaniard
agreed to live in a glass box where numerous allergens
don’t get it.

Anyone who visits Juan is required to first accept
a special shower to clean the surface of your body from
chemicals, and wear organic cotton clothes. Nobody can
physically contacting a woman besides her 26 year old and
29 year old sons. However, they can only hug their mother twice
year, and then after several days of preparation. Munoz itself long ago
dreams of hugging her own mother, but she is too old to
make these difficult preparations for your daughter’s visit.

Our heroine tells us that her life changed dramatically in 1989.
year when she planted potatoes in her garden. Worth munoz
touch the tubers as her face and body are swollen incredible
in a way. The woman was urgently taken to the hospital, where doctors
For a long time, she was treated with steroid hormones. It turned out
that the ill-fated potato contained pesticides – relatively
safe for most people but potentially
deadly for Juana.

Since 2005, the unfortunate Spaniard is saved from death only
glass cage

Since then, the Spaniard avoids any chemicals, and in 2005
the woman’s condition deteriorated so much that she had to be placed in
glass cage overlooking the garden. According to our heroine, she
very much hopes that one day he will recover from his
ills and be able to lead a full life: go to crowded places,
get together with friends, make love with her husband.

The husband of Juana, constantly caring for her, among other things
grows organically pure vegetables, fruits, berries for the chosen one
nuts and greens. Twice a month a woman eats meat or fish
which produce for her on special ecological farms.

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