Spanish ufologists published footage from the “flyinga plate “in Moscow 1995

In October 1995, in the Ostankino district of Moscow landed
unknown flying object. This was unexpectedly reported by ufologists and
conspiracy therapists leading popular Spanish television program
�”Tercer Milenio TV”.

According to the researchers, unique hands fell into their hands.
materials allegedly received then by one of the witnesses
this striking picture. Although experts are not
were able to take possession of the original video, they, they say, found
several frames of it.

Mysterious images show a large elongated object
radiating an incredibly bright light. �”Flying saucer” sits down
in the evening on the ground near the road in the Ostankino area, to
the amazement of several eyewitnesses. The length of the UFO, according to experts,
ranged from 15 to 20 meters, or even more.

Ufologist Carlo Clemente claims amazing footage
was shown once (thanks to some liberties in the Russian Federation
after the collapse of the USSR) on Russian television, but then sunk
on the fly. No one was able to record the broadcast on tape, and
later digitize and put on the Internet because
video equipment in the nineties in Russia was at the level of “stone
century, and therefore the video is still inaccessible to a wide
the public.

According to Clemente’s suggestion, it was an aircraft.
representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, which, being above
Moscow, has been attacked by air defense complexes,
because of what was forced to make an emergency landing. From here and
the secrecy of this record so far (in Russia, the “secret” stamp with
materials are removed very rarely and very reluctantly, and as for
UFOs, and at all, as the Russians themselves say, “write is gone”), hence
its undoubted authenticity and enormous significance for ufologists
all over the world.

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