Speaking of the utility and even the danger of robots, weforget about hackers

Brown University researchers have easily cracked a robot
�Herb2 of the University of Washington that was at that time on
the other end of the country. This was done to demonstrate
that the creators of robots today do not take into account the main thing: to hack any
AI is simple.

The fact is that modern robots are created based on
ROS operating system, open source utilities and libraries that
makes it easier to work with them, but in this case it’s completely
no security features. Using the utility ZMap
Brown University programmers easily found about a hundred
US-connected robots are also easily eliminated
emulator software from bots that have hardware.

Brown’s hacked robot “Herb2” with the permission of its owners
just for example, thus showing how vulnerable modern
AI for hackers. Here is what the specialist says about this.
Computer Science George Clark:

Today, no one really even thinks about this
problem, more for some reason, reasoning about the dangers of artificial
intelligence. In pursuit of the release of the next robotic novelty
and in promoting it to the market, operational safety issues
such machines all the time is postponed for “later”. But in vain … After all, we
move to the fact that soon the robots will play a significant
role in the life of modern society. And who in this case will be
the puppeteer of this whole army of artificial helpers are hackers? After all
when such a problem arises with all its urgency, its all the same
will have to decide, only have to do it with significantly
greater expenditure of strength and finance than now. Just an urgent need
stop releasing almost unprotected robots
attacks …

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