Specialist twice photographedghost

45-year-old Suzanne Gill from the English city of Gateshead threw
a few years ago a highly paid banker position to
devote himself entirely to the study of supernatural phenomena.

The perfume of the Native Americans advised the woman to do so,
who are its keepers. According to the British, she has a young
age has a gift that allowed her to come into contact with the subtle world and
even capture photos of people from it.

To prove to others her words, Suzanne laid out in
The World Wide Web is two mysterious images recently taken by her in
17th century hotel. One of the photos shows a transparent
whitish figure, towering above the carved table.

The second image shows a creepy face in a robe,
hiding in the twilight under the same table. Gill says that
это место было настоящим «гнездом ghostов», и фантомы вылезали
literally from everywhere to make contact with an Englishwoman. Having received
two frames with paranormal, our heroine hurried to leave
the hotel, since she felt a little uneasy. And this with that
that ghosts are her constant companions from about 15
years old.

Suzanne assures that her abilities are both
for nothing, and a curse. Gill can see what’s in the house
aggressive vermin, and warn the tenants about it. Our heroine
has already helped in this way a considerable number of compatriots, and
she is quite a number that saved many families from the influence of dark forces.
However, at the same time the Briton is forced to constantly watch
entities from the next world, and live with such a gift, recognized
medium, not very easy.

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