Sperm Whale – the mysterious creature of the Earth

These animals today do not indulge with special attention. Say more
about smart and friendly dolphins, about giant blue whales, and
There is almost no word about the noble knight of the seas and oceans.
Maybe because few people read Herman’s exciting novel
Melville “Moby Dick” about the amazing white whale? But what is it
the sea animal deserved the special attention of the American
a writer?

Although sperm whales belong to the order of cetaceans, they
very different from their “relatives”. You could even argue
that sperm whales are the most mysterious animals on our planet. Not
do you believe? Read on …

Where did sperm whales take oxygen for so long

As everyone knows, whales are not fish, but mammals.
marine animals that need to float frequently to
breathe air into the lungs. Only for a short time they go on
shallow depth, then rise to the surface of the water, otherwise
suffocate. In contrast, sperm whales dive on
depth over 2 kilometers and can remain under water for
one and a half hours. Whales can only dream of such exploits.

Sinking down to great depths, the sperm whale is experiencing a colossal
the pressure that would flatten him into a tortilla. And he
pops up alive and unharmed. You can also assume that for
its deep-sea expeditions animal accumulates a lot of air,
therefore, it must have corresponding lungs. And it is not
so, the sperm whale’s lungs are significantly smaller than all others.
whales. What he breathes for so long, nobody knows exactly.

It is believed that the sperm whale accumulates air reserves in
the muscles and the air sac that is in the right overgrown
animal nostril. But whether this, no one knows.

Sperm whale does not face decompression sickness

All divers and divers known caisson (decompression)
disease. At the depths of a person breathes balloon air in the composition
which includes, among other elements, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.
If lifting to the surface is too fast,
microscopic bubbles of these gases in the human body
are released and, blocking small blood vessels, block
blood supply process. There is a severe poisoning, which
can lead to death.

The same fate, in theory, should comprehend and sperm whale, because not from
the other is “test.” However sperm whale jumps out of the depths
like a torpedo – and nothing happens to it! Here you have another
the mystery of this amazing animal. However, there is a version that his
blood plasma is able to dissolve gases, not allowing them to form

Sperm whales – alien animals?

Yes, this creature has many unexplainable oddities, as if
it is not earthly, but alien. For example, sperm whale
distinguished by the world’s longest intestine – over 160
meters! It is completely incomprehensible what he is for, because predatory animals
have a relatively short intestine (significantly shorter than
herbivores). But in the intestines of sperm whales, and only in males,
contains amber – the most precious incense for people. And what is it for?
the animal itself, really no one knows.

�”Spermaceti bag” – a unique education, which is available
only sperm whales and which account for up to 90 percent of weight
huge animal head. The spongy fabric of this bag is soaked.
spermacetum – a clear, fat-like liquid with
healing properties. According to recent studies, this
the organ is used in echolocation, helping to give direction
waves of sound. Notкоторые считают, что он может служить кашалоту для
cooling, removing part of the heat from his body. And in the 70s of the past
For centuries, scientists have conducted research and concluded that
�The “spermaceti bag” regulates the buoyancy of these animals during
diving and sharp rise from the depths. It is also possible that
sperm whites filled with spermacetes are used to
absorb shots received in combat bouts. In short, that
the organ is a mystery …

What do sperm whales look for in the depths of the oceans?

On the skin of sperm whales often find traces of suckers
squid, – round marks with a diameter of up to 20 centimeters. but
even the greatest cephalopods known to science,
reaching 10-meter length, have suckers not exceeding in
diameter of 5 centimeters. It is considered that squid leave
prints of their suckers at a time when sperm
the size of an adult animal. With his growth left scars
stretch and increase greatly.

But maybe in the mysterious ocean depths of sperm whales
meet with unknown giants, and the scars on their skins are
traces of grand battles between deep-sea titans? ..

Well, if we are talking about a sperm whale, then, as they say,
everything’s possible. Even the fact that at first glance it seems

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