Spherical UFO found in the pictures “Google”

On one of the pictures of the popular map service
�”Google Earth” discovered amazing unidentified
flying object of spherical shape and unusual colors.

Famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring, who published this
news on his website, he personally tried to find a similar balloon in
various directories, however failed. Yes, and not too similar to this
UFO on the balloon: where, in this case, the basket or trailed
a cabin under it?

The researcher made this intriguing find on March 7,
looking at photos of Lake George in the US state
New York. The alleged alien ship was captured above
the eastern shore of the reservoir, not far from the Shelvin rock.

According to Waring, a ball is the most common form.
alien aircraft found on Earth. So
In other words, alien aircraft would be more correct to
In general, be called “flying balloons” and not “flying saucers.” Here is
what the Taiwanese writes:

Here is НЛО, найденный мной на снимках «Google Планета
Land”. Now this amazing photo will be forever
saved on my official website. I remind you that such photos,
detectable by ufologists and ordinary users on the services
�“Google” is soon removed by the administration, so it’s likely
that it will erase this frame after a while. �“Google” long ago
works for the US government, and the US authorities are doing everything for
that we never learn the truth about visiting our
planets by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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