Spider view with wolf head opened

One of the most striking and unusual spiders was discovered.
a few days ago deep in the rainforest of Ecuador.
Professional photographer and nature researcher Andreas Kay
accidentally stumbled upon an unknown science arthropod with
incredible growth on the back, resembling a wolf’s head. Throughout
Apparently, an amazing spider mimics a predatory animal (let
and very tiny) to scare off potential enemies.

On the dark “second head” of a rare arthropod can
examine the ears, eyes, nostrils (spider eyes) and mouth
ephemeral wolf. According to Andreas, this strange being
looks almost like a real hybrid of a spider and a dog. The photographer was
so fascinated and excited about his discovery that he took the risk
check if it’s dangerous for humans
of nature. It turned out that the “volkopauk” is unable to bite
human skin, not to mention harming it with poison,
if there is one.

Orthodox scientists suggest that this type of spider can
dwell on our planet for at least 400 million years, that is
They lived here in the days of dinosaurs. And no wonder
that such an arthropod was discovered just now.
Every day in the world are new species of insects, arthropods,
mollusks and many other creatures. In remote corners of the earth
there may be millions of creatures that can hit our
imagination. However, seeing such a funny spider is rare.
luck for a naturalist …

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