Spiders have created in the park the illusion of a underwater garden withjellyfish

Look at the photo: it does not remind you of an underwater garden with
a lot of jellyfish?

This is the illusion created by Cyrtophora’s spiders.
the park-reserve of the Australian city of Port Macquarie, since
abundantly weaved meadow grass, pulling their white ones in the form of jellyfish
tent spiderwebs. Especially great it all looks in
the wee hours are a real magic garden of the unique
�”Underwater world”.

Some locals, the other day first faced with this
unusual phenomenon in the park, they even thought that in their hometown
it had snowed at night (today and in summer this can be expected, and even
in Africa). However, having understood what was happening, none of them stayed
indifferent to this truly fantastic picture created from
neatly hanging cobwebs of perfect shape that literally

That’s what Rather Park Katherine says about this

All spiders are different, and their webs are not similar to one another. To that
most of the arthropods deploy their web-like webs
only in the afternoon, and in the evening they are cleaned, while others for some reason do not collect
them for the night. But, nevertheless, the most vivid picture of this
�“Underwater world” becomes precisely at dawn and dusk, when everything
this wealth is poured in dewdrops (or wet evaporations) under
oblique rays of the sun. By the way, spiders that don’t fold
�”Traps” for the night, since the morning they are heavily repaired, and in general
the perfect view of the spider meadow is being restored.

Park staff also clarified that most arthropods
Cyrtophora is young, and this season she is unlikely to live to the full
growing up. However, already as a positive result can be considered
even the fact that the spiders chose a city park for their colony,
having presented both scientists and citizens in general such a pleasant surprise,
thus confirming that from an environmental point of view in
Port Macquarie is okay …

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