Spiders in a year in an unusual way frighteneda woman

34-year-old Alice Randle, who lives in one of the oldest
English cities Ipswich, during the year scarecrow is a strange phenomenon,
which she could not find an explanation.

Last September, a woman suddenly heard deep in the night
something unusual, coming from somewhere in the street. Children’s voice is quiet
sang an old song about an old man who hit during the rain
head and could not wake up the next morning. Thereafter
mysterious sounds were heard to our heroine almost every

According to Alice, it was like Freddie Krueger films, where
harmless, at first glance, a children’s song foreshadowed the appearance
supernatural maniac. In the end, the British turned to
the police. The guards of the order repeatedly came to the call, however
their arrival chanting stopped. Randle even had to purchase
sensitive microphone and record the night sounds to the audio in order to
prove to the police that she does not lie and does not experience hallucinations.

A few days ago the mystery of the mysterious singing was finally
is allowed. This time, the guardians of the law who arrived at Alice decided
linger at the woman and wait until the singing repeats. When is that
in fact happened, the cops traced the sound source and
found that he came from a warehouse nearby. It turned out that
music automatically played from a security system speaker whose
the motion sensor was falsely triggered by the spiders that loved it.

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