Spiral and other incomprehensible cloudsfound in different parts of the earth

Even people far from ufology and sky observations are noticed in
the last time that with the clouds over our heads became
something strange is happening. Atmospheric water vapor condensation
Earth is increasingly acquiring strange bizarre forms that
just can not be created by nature. Such a mysterious phenomenon
is global because unusual clouds meet
today in many parts of the planet, including Russia.

Foreign ufolog, known by the pseudonym MrMBB333, collected
a whole compilation of materials with images of amazing clouds,
recently seen by residents of various countries. Including submitted
below the video, you can see similar to ruff “torn”
clouds, clouds with even dark and light stripes, rainbow
clouds, spiral clouds and stuff like that.

The photograph taken on June 15th is also quite remarkable.
Leningrad region. A resident of the village of Ropsha in the Lomonosov district
noticed in the sky a continuous cloud layer in which, however,
there was a mysterious boat-like hole. It could be
think that some large futuristic aircraft
soared here into the sky, leaving behind such a strange trace.

Researcher MrMBB333 is convinced that either our planet passes in
present moment through some changes, or to us often
representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. One way or another, humanity
it is worth being alert and behaving more intelligently. Domestic ufologists are not
they are in a hurry to talk about “green men”, however, they report that
This is undoubtedly a very curious anomaly.

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