Spiral formations in the sky scaredresidents of Beijing and Kazakhstan

And although these pictures (title, obtained from Kazakhstan, and
a few photos below – from China) were made on different days of the past
April, they are brought together by the fact that the residents of both countries, seeing (in one
the case in the predawn, in the other – in the night sky) strange
spiral formations were surprised and even scared.

Many, as a matter of fact, immediately thought of aliens, although
incomprehensible phenomena in the sky were a little like the traditional “flying
plates”. However, in China, as evidenced by numerous
comments on images that appeared on this subject in the social
Weibo networks, people began to build the most fantastic theories
more that the spiral formations in the night sky were seen not only
over Beijing, but also over other cities of the Middle Kingdom – Zhengzhou,
Qingdao, Taiyuan.

However, everything is explained much easier. How did the journalists find out
Beijing, the mysterious trail in the night sky of China left a rocket,
launched two hundred kilometers from the capital of China.

Approximately the same, only more detailed, comment
specialist Alexander Malinovsky was read by Kazakhstani people: with
Baykanul the Proton was launched that morning. Residents of Ridder
observed the moment when the second stage is separated from the rocket, and
then the head fairing. Shelf that leaves with this
�”Proton”, illuminated by the rising sun, and the air flow
wrap it in intricate loops. And no miracle, and so
more – aliens.

Despite this, users of the Weibo social network, like
residents of Kazakhstan who commented on the mysterious phenomenon in
predawn sky over Ridder on various ufological sites,
remained at their own opinion. And for good reason:

  • First, the specialists responsible for such “miracles in
    Heaven “, they will never tell the truth – this is not known today
    a schoolboy, even a kindergarten child;
  • secondly, some residents of the city of Ridder for some reason that morning
    woke up too early, as if someone woke them up to look at
    This is a mysterious phenomenon. Of course, such Kazakhstanis took
    what happened is not even like a UFO alien, but as some kind of divine
    the Omen. Approximately the same thing was observed among the Chinese,
    Some of them wrote with surprise on the Weibo social network that they did not
    that night they could fall asleep for a long time and for some reason constantly looked into
  • thirdly, there is a great faith in miracles in people, or at least
    aliens, and launching a rocket is today too ordinary and so
    boring …

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