�”Spirits of the Sacred Valley” regrettedmountain biking

This conclusion has been reached by many users of the World Wide Web from
those who met with the video, which captured
amazing “luck” of a desperate extreme cyclist.

This happened at the end of October this year, when the group
such fearless bikers made a bike ride in the mountain
terrain of the Sacred Valley of the Incas – Urubamba (southwest Peru). it
a place of real pilgrimage for tourists, however cycling
walks here are somehow not taken: first, it is very dangerous even
from a physical point of view (as the video demonstrates), and
secondly, such disrespect for the Sacred Valley by many religious
Peru’s people are considered a violation of the spiritual law that
may entail punishment by the spirits of Urubamba.

It’s hard to say how such believers have become visionaries, but
one of the mountain bikers of this group almost didn’t really
crashed (watch video). At the moment of overcoming the most dangerous
the mountain trail, someone Tony falls and misses a bicycle,
which flies into the abyss. Extreme himself with a miracle remains
alive. Not by chance some commentators of that video
felt that the biker simply felt sorry for the spirits of the Sacred Valley, while
this by demonstrating that the laws of ancestors are needed after all

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