Sports commentator Jaylen Rose – a robot? Notmay be!

While among scientists, the debate about how artificial
intelligence is good for humanity or bad, everything in the world
more humanoid androids appear. And because people
start to notice them even where it seems there should be no
no substitution For example, viewers suspected that sporting
commentator jalen rose – android.

The fact is that at a time when Rose during basketball
Match Assistant straightened the microphone and headset, Jaylen behaved in
just like a robot: it was motionless, as if it were not a man, but
dummy, besides his face did not express a single emotion, and his eyes
not even blinked – fiction and only!

One of the basketball fans took this unique moment on
Smartphone directly from the TV screen and immediately posted the video on the Web
Internet with such emotional exclamations:

You look at Jaylena Rose, this is not a man, but an android. is he
does not move at all, does not blink – nothing. Obediently waiting for
man will correct something on it. Yes, this is a real robot!

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