Spouses who have lived together for a long timelook like each other

Many scientists of the world were interested in this phenomenon, interested in
a long time ago, however, only recently researchers, based on
extensive collected material, concluded that why the spouses,
living together for more than 25 years, become like each other

Of course, scientists had to compare photos, videos of such
married couples. It’s amazing that even without some complicated analysis
it was noticeable that the difference in appearance, which was at the time
marriages over time is erased. Scientists have found that
spouses over time begin to copy each other, even in small things,
not to mention habits and even thoughts. Not by chance, there is
even a proverb: the husband only thinks, and the wife is already holding the answer. it
just about long and surely happy marriages.

Why are surely happy? On the one hand, it seems to be
on the surface: unhappy marriages cannot be long,
However, not all so simple. It turned out the happier living
spouses, the faster they become as if identical, and not
only in appearance.

It was not by chance that in ancient times a husband was looking for a husband who looked like
him and vice versa. And in life, men and women who look alike
on the other, always have increased attraction – apparently, it is laid
in the genes or some laws of the universe. It turns out that outwardly
similar couples are more likely to have a strong and happy family
a life.

And vice versa – a strong and happy life of spouses is capable
make them “twins” or even “twins” because such
couples think the same way, and even get sick of the same ailments, and
often die in one day …

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