Star Wars is around the corner

On the pages of the French weekly Le Figaro raised the question of
star wars that are increasingly becoming real for our
of the world. And this is not about conflicts with aliens, but about possible
military clashes of space forces of various countries of the Earth.

As Florence Parley, the French defense minister, says
the militarization of space by superpowers has been going on for a long time and,
it can be said that everything is gaining momentum. Politician conclusions
based on the fact that a year ago the Russian satellite approached
French Athena-Fidus at a very close distance and at the same time
tried to collect certain information. This, said Parley,
can be considered an illustration of a “small space war” between
two states.

That is, surveillance of satellites, the minister writes, for which
interception of data or even “blinding” will certainly follow
enemy space vehicles, or even knocking them out of orbit, already
may soon become commonplace in space, which is still
somehow considered safe and non-militarized.

Florence Parley cites in his discourse on “the danger
Star Wars “even some numbers, for example, that France spends
on the development and maintenance of the space sector of about 2 billion euros
per year, while the USA allocates 25 times for the same needs of its country
more funds – up to 60 billion dollars. With this, Ms. Parley
somehow welcomes the initiative of US President Donald Trump on
the creation of space armed forces. According to her, this “gives
a powerful signal, ”writes Le Figaro, but the signal for
who and for what.

The French reader remains perplexed that she wanted to
to say the secretary of defense: whether Florence Parley is concerned
the militarization of space, whether it stands for it, however, with a small
amendment: this militarization must be carried out without fail
America, but not Russia …

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