Startup Nuro is trying to circumvent Tesla and Facebook insolving a global problem – to connect the human brain withby computer

Nothing beats today on its scale and just
exciting prospects with technology that will connect
человеческий мозг с by computer. Undoubtedly, the first who implements
this fantastic idea, will demonstrate in the future the beyond
the speed of development, and the country that will become the developer of such
technologists will prove to be the world leader without any hope for all
other states catch up with her in development.

That is why world companies such as Tesla (Ilon Musk) and
Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) do not spare money for development
all sorts of ideas in this direction. Recently, however, to
This race was joined by the startup Nuro. Moreover, some
analysts believe that he is more likely to become a leader in solving
сверхсложной задачи – связать человеческий мозг с by computer.

The fact is that the secret projects Neuralink and Building 8 Mask and
Zuckerberg are based on invasive intervention, that is,
suggest surgery on the human brain in order to connect it with
by computer. But the head of Nuro Francois Gand sees the solution
this task is completely different.

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