Statuette of Jesus Christ found on Mars

Famous Taiwanese ufologist, conspirologist and virtual archaeologist
Scott Waring found another on the surface of the Red Planet
sensational anomaly. According to an independent researcher, 4
December 2017, the American rover “Curiosity”
photographed a small stone statue, suspiciously similar
on the figure of Jesus Christ.

The find was made by a robot in the Martian region under the code
named “Sol 01923”. And although the representatives of NASA refused
comment on the discovery of the statuette, waring believes that
Americans know where it came from and what it is
presents. Ufologist writes:

I found a sculpture on Mars not far from the Curiosity rover.
She looks like a statuette of Jesus Christ. You know, these statues
sell in temples and souvenir shops. Sculpture is small and has
height less than 40 centimeters. I don’t know how much it costs there, but it
perfectly preserved. Long hair can be clearly seen
the person depicted on the sculpture, a raincoat descending from the shoulders and
two legs. The detail of this work of art is amazing, even
despite the relatively low image quality. In my opinion, this
excellent proof that man did not invent religion, but
just accepted her. On other planets there may be millions of civilizations,
whose representatives believe in the Creator and his son, who died in
sins of all living beings in the universe.

Many users of the World Wide Web have doubted that
Martians and other “green men” consider Christ their messiah.
As you know, outwardly aliens are a little like humans, and therefore
It is unlikely that they considered Jesus of Nazareth to be one of their own.
However, there is an opinion that Jesus Christ himself –

Some commentators suggest that once humanity
possessed space travel technology and visited Mars,
leaving this artifact on the red planet. Skeptics believe
that this is the most common paradolic illusion, and in fact
there is an ordinary stone that will not be from a different angle
demonstrate nothing remarkable.

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