Stephen Hawking called the date of destructionhumanity but few people believed it

Famous English theoretical physicist and soothsayer from science
Stephen Hawking said at a recent summit in Beijing that humanity
left to live less than six centuries.

According to the scientist, by 2600, the Earth’s overpopulation will reach
critical level, and so much will be produced on our planet
energy that the earth will literally become a fireball.

However, the Briton notes that humanity has a chance
save yourself To do this, we need to intensively develop the world
space industry and begin to colonize other celestial bodies.
Hawking advises future colonists to fly to an exoplanet in
the Alpha Centauri star system, located at 4.37 light
years from us. The physicist says that if you build a cosmic
ship with a light sail having a speed of 20% of speed
light, he will fly there in about 20 years. 5 more years will be required
so that the signal notifying earthlings of the successful arrival of the ship,
reached our “blue ball”. Quite real numbers for so
large-scale space project.

Meanwhile, Russian geophysicist Andrei Lyakhov does not believe too much in
Hawking forecast. According to our compatriot, humanity
rather, it will be destroyed by a meteorite falling to Earth. At the same time
the energy generated on our planet is still not enough to
stop the threat from space.

However, Lyakhov also has opponents who believe that
modern man is not able to predict the future even by a hundred
years ahead, because if in 1917 people were told about
computers and space travel to the moon and mars, they would have this
just did not believe it. And now the development of technical thought goes to
several times faster than in the last century, and what will happen at the beginning
next century, even difficult to imagine. Talk about it
overpopulation of the planet, the energy of the future and even about possible
space catastrophes are also naive and even to some extent
crazy how to believe, for example, in a flat Earth, a war of robots or
the matrix.

By the way, if you recall the words of some prophets, for example,
Albert the Great, he “promised” that by 2280
human contact with the alien mind (some oracles
called even earlier). Return to the land of the gods like
wrote a medieval seer in his “Alchemical riddles”,
radically change her life, and therefore, perhaps, we and fly
not going anywhere, or at least we’ll know how
to equip a truly rational existence in their solar
system …

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