Stephen Hawking feared before deaththe emergence of the race of supermen

The famous English theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking,
Deceased on March 14 of this year at the age of 76, the entire
conscious life worried about the fate of mankind. Paralyzed
the scientist feared that our civilization would be destroyed by war
aliens, a meteorite falling to Earth, the emergence of an omnipotent
aggressive artificial intelligence and the like.

Now it turned out that shortly before the death of the illustrious
Researcher has a new fear of the future earthlings. Hawking
predicted that already relatively soon the most affluent of
we will be able to modify their genes, thereby greatly improving
their physical and mental performance. Such people will live
longer and more productive, becoming even more influential and

According to the physicist, these individuals, united in groups, are capable of
become a real threat to the rest of humanity.
Artificially created supermen and their children will be able to protect themselves from
old age, disease, and physical and mental weakness. If a
genetic engineering will continue to evolve at the same pace as
now, such a prospect may well become a reality.

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