Stephen Hawking removed aliens from Nibiru?

The theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was too strange a man
why do conspiracy theorists have long put forward the theory of its unearthly
origin. Now they believe that Hawking, whoever he is there
was, removed the aliens from the planet Nibiru.

But let’s do everything in order. As we reported on our site,
mysterious british scientist suffered incurable lateral
amyotrophic sclerosis, in which such unfortunate as
As a rule, they do not live long;
Jason Becker, who stretched from ALS for 20 years. Stephen Hawking
I have lived with this disease for more than half a century, while somehow
it easily penetrated the highest scientific circles of Great Britain, with
like this and was not going to leave this world, if …

Conspiracyologists, for example, Steve Bassett, believe that Hawking himself
was an alien, however, of the so-called “big white”,
who, according to the ufological theory, are the custodians of the Earth.
This is why the theoretical physicist constantly opposed the search
aliens, because by this, according to him, we are creating a tip
for aggressive aliens seeking territory for their
colonial claims.

В последнее время Stephen Hawking усиленно прорабатывал тему
danger from Planet X, causing some of the luminaries of science
they even suspected him of senile marasmus. But it cost the scientists
listen to the opinion of the mysterious physicist, how he immediately strange
way dies (March 14 of this year), although no information about
the deterioration of his health no one heard before this mysterious
the demise.

Thus, according to Steve Bassett, aliens from Nibiru
dealt with their enemy, thereby confirming indirectly
suspicion that an invasion of our Earth is already being prepared
misanthropic race. Will the “big white” in this
protect us from the invasion of space conquerors, to anyone
неизвестно, поскольку теперь Stephen Hawking, как их глашатай, не
can warn mankind about anything in advance …

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