Stephen Hawking told before his death thatis outside the universe

The famous British theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking,
Deceased on March 14 of this year, he worked on his death before
very interesting project.

In his last work, the 76-year-old scientist rethought
the orthodox big bang theory and provided us
amazing model of the universe, forcing to look at the Universe
from a completely different angle. The results of this work were
published May 3 in the scientific journal “Journal of High Energy

Absolute emptiness beyond space

For a long time Hawking believed that the Universe was expanding.
infinitely, but now it became clear that he changed his mind
regarding this issue. In the final labor of the deceased
a theoretical physicist states that the expansion of space
spaces clearly stopped, and the Universe has reached its
maximum sizes.

In the last years of his life, the researcher was convinced of the existence
boundaries beyond which the universe ends. And beyond that boundary,
they say there is an absolute emptiness in which there is neither light nor
matter, neither space nor even time. Alas, the human mind is not
able to fully comprehend the concept of such a void, however we can
speculate what it is and what laws
submits to.

Parallel Worlds of Stephen Hawking

In addition, in recent years, the British are seriously interested
theory of the Multiverse, which the luminaries of science are already developing
more than three decades. The scientist suggested that the Big Bangs
there were a great many, they all occurred simultaneously, and each of
they gave birth to a separate world.

If this is true, then we live in one of the many
(or even countless) parallel realities. Some time
ago Hawking believed that in these worlds there are different laws
physicists, however, then he became inclined to believe that physical
laws are very similar in parallel universes. In this way,
exploring the processes taking place in our reality, hypothetically
You can explore other worlds.

Is our Universe a flat hologram?

In his work, Hawking also proves that our Universe
is a complex hologram. The scientist concluded that the volume
the reality that we see every day around us
is an illusion. In other words, three-dimensional reality,
including space and time, projected from data that
are on a two-dimensional plane.

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