Stephen Hawking’s life was and remainsa mystery

On Wednesday, March 14, died in the 77th year of life the legendary
theoretical physicist and popularizer of science Stephen Hawking, whose life
была и остается a mystery.

This English scholar was considered one of the greatest minds.
modernity, he was an internationally recognized scientific genius and
simultaneously an icon of pop culture. Pursuing the study of occurrence
of the world, as well as the theories of “life and death” of black holes, Hawking,
According to his many colleagues, made an incredible contribution to
cosmology that can hardly be assessed simple

Hawking lived too long, but there could be reasons for this.

Most surprisingly, most of their discoveries are outstanding.
Briton did, being completely immobilized. At the age of 21
he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which
subsequently led to paralysis of the whole body. Doctors predicted that
the physicist will live no more than 23 years, but Hawking, contrary to forecasts
doctors, lived to old age, and also found a world

The death of this man was a great tragedy for his colleagues and
fans, however, it is unlikely to be complete for someone
by surprise. Moreover, there were conspiracy therapists and alternative
researchers who have speculated that the scientist in the very
he had to die because of his illness in his youth, however
some powerful forces supported him all this time
a life.

Canadian ufologist George Skulko reports that the duration
Stephen Hawking’s life really is a real miracle.
Despite the fact that the scientist was always surrounded by doctors, nurses
and loving people, he demonstrated downright phenomenal
vitality – with such a disease.

Why do aliens support the life of the paralyzed
a scientist?

As long as my body is confined to a wheelchair, my mind
surf the universe, – said Hawking.

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