Stick insects have an amazing strategy.breeding

A group of Japanese scientists led by a professor at Kobe University
Kenji Suetsugu (Kenji Suetsugu) discovered an amazing strategy
breeding насекомых из отряда stick insects.

Prividenye, as they are also called stick insects for their skill is excellent
disguised, widespread throughout the world, while
biologists have always wondered why these sedentary insects
unable to fly, they easily inhabited most of the earth’s territory,
even islands that have no connection with the continents. By the way, this
the mystery tormented Darwin himself, he could not find it

Now this answer was found by Japanese researchers. It turned out
stick insects use for this purpose a mechanism widespread in
plant world. That is, when birds or animals eat berries,
fruits, they spread the seeds of these plants through the esophagus. it
and understandable, because neither trees nor grass can not independently
to move around, and using in this case the wind, as it does,
let’s say dandelion has very limited capabilities therefore
The best mechanism for the spread of seeds is through the esophagus of birds.

Most surprisingly, and the stick insects successfully use this.
When the birds peck up these “invisible” (despite the virtuoso
camouflage, stick insects successfully eaten by birds, for example, blackbirds
and especially short-fingered bulbul for which these insects
are the main source of food), they are not completely their
digest – remain eggs, which, along with excrement
enter new territories and hatch in new
stick insects.

Палочники используют растительный механизм breeding

As Japanese scientists have found out, up to 20 percent of stick insects
preserved in the esophagus of birds due to their strong shell, more
Moreover, since these insects are capable of parthenogenesis (development
the germ of an unfertilized egg), then the success of such a strategy
breeding и распространения очевиден.

There was such a strategy, according to Kenji Suetsugu, thanks to
evolutionary necessity, because the stick insects are actually very
similar to the vegetable twigs, which they are disguised as, not
knowing how to fly and capture new territories without foreign help.

Of course, there is a difference from the plant world. For example,
Apple tree or cherry literally shows (in every way it offers) its
tasty fruits and berries, because the plants do not suffer damage from this.
Chopsticks, of course, do not offer themselves to be eaten by birds,
on the contrary, they disguise themselves so masterly that they can
envy many representatives of the animal world.

But if you noticed and ate a stick, then kindly do
the task of spreading this type of insect throughout
the territory you cover with your ability
to fly. Probably, this is how you can convey in words what
вложила в механизм breeding и распространения палочников
nature. I must say, the mechanism for insects is just

An article by Japanese scientists about all this came out the other day in a journal

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