Strange anomaly hit the cameraobservations

Researchers of supernatural phenomena leading popular
YouTube channel “The Hidden Underbelly”, published an intriguing
video that has caused unprecedented interest among specialists and simple
web users.

This video was received on May 24 in an American city.
Forest Park Georgia State. Камера observations, установленная в
the door eye of a local resident imprinted on the porch in the dark
time of day incomprehensible object, which, according to the owner of the house,
is something beyond the usual.

It is noteworthy that at first the author of the frames below.
sent material to representatives of the world’s largest ufological
MUFON organizations. Experts in the field of UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations
could not find the incident any unambiguous explanation.
Meanwhile, the video is rapidly spreading over the World Wide Web,
collecting thousands of comments from surprised users.

Mysterious light object appears in the frame rapidly,
as if materializing from the air, and after a while
somehow strangely “leaks” up, leaving behind him for a second
glowing plume. Some Internet regulars claim that
anomaly has vague human outlines and is most likely
ghost that caught the “eye” of the camcorder. According to others
commentators, it’s about the alien, the energy essence of
another world or even a spatial gap.

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