Strange anomaly on the moon surprised ufologists

Famous Slovak ufologist Martin Mikuash wrote the other day in his
blog that shot the night on the video of the moon and unexpectedly discovered on her
surface strange structure. According to the UFO researcher,
the mysterious object on Selene is very similar to a huge spaceship.
The author of the finding believes that this structure looks too
correct and symmetrical, therefore it cannot be mountains or
other natural elevations. The specialist says:

About a year ago, I looked at the moon from the same point and
I did not see anything like it on it. That is, this thing had time to appear
there is a maximum of these 12 months. It is strange that no one else
noticed her in the past tense. Although experts are sure
US space agency NASA have long seen this
the anomaly, however, of natural, did not begin to report such
sensational news of the world community. What if the aliens
are already on the moon and are watching us intently? What if they
getting ready to attack our planet? Politicians and illustrious scientists
will find where to hide, they have the most reliable bunkers for billions
dollars. But what to do in case of an invasion by ordinary people like us
with you?

Colleagues Mikuasha from all over the world expressed a huge
interest in finding Slovak. Some ufologists have advanced
the assumption that on the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth
is not a spaceship representatives extraterrestrial
civilizations, and their stationary base. Than “green men”
engaged there, it is difficult to determine. However, one can
say with accuracy: in recent years, unidentified flying objects
and man-made alien structures are increasingly being observed.
For example, some experts estimate that after 10–15 years
humanity is waiting for the first large-scale contact with the aliens.

However, experienced experts in ufology believe that such
discoveries on the moon like today’s martin mikuasha, albeit
of particular interest, however nothing new about it
artificial satellite (or a huge base of aliens) is not
bring in. On the Internet, they say, a lot of material
proving that the moon is a hollow object, artificially “dragged”
to our planet. Therefore, it is not surprising that
something is constantly happening: this is a completely lived-in specialized
playground designed to study life on earth or for some
another experiment that we simply do not understand …

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