Strange “bleached” girl noticed oncemetery panorama

The American viewed the panoramas of the city of Huntsville, Texas,
and “wandered” through the map service “Google Maps” on
small local cemetery near the chapel of St. Martha. Man
Immediately surprised that the place of eternal rest was
only one point from which the experts of “Google” made
panoramic shot. And then our hero was amazed even more
when I noticed in this photo the alleged phantom of the child. If a
believe the author of the find, because of one tree in the mysterious frame
a ghost girl is shown. By opening this link, you can
see the baby with my own eyes.

But why did the user consider that before him without fail
a ghost, not an ordinary girl? First, whence a lonely child
took in the middle of the cemetery? Secondly, why did he hide from the car
�Google? And thirdly, the American indicates that the person
little stranger is a little like the face of a living person. It
as if devoid of color, like an old photograph or reflection in water.
Thus, the impressionable man thought that he had discovered on
panorama of childish spirit materialized in front of the camera. If a это в
Indeed, then the ghost, quite possibly, belongs to some
girl buried here a century ago.

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