Strange blue lights in the sky over the capitalOf Russia

Have you noticed that Runet throws much less
нам материалов об НЛО, хотя и в Of Russia есть свой неутомимый
researcher of paranormal phenomena, and any sense, including
the number of alien, Uralets Valentin Degterev, who in this regard
hardly inferior to the same Taiwanese Scott Waring. However even
a resident of Nizhny Tagil somehow focuses on Western
web users by publishing their unique videos on
English language.

And indeed over Russia, as well as over the republics of the CIS,
�“Flying saucers” appear much less frequently than, say, over
America. Or the Russian-speaking sector of the World Wide Web is simply more
skeptical of such “alien” phenomena? Rather
all, the second, because something incomprehensible is happening today
the entire planet, including UFOs, are seen in different parts of the Earth. But
write about it (literally “shouting”) mostly numerous
Western researchers and witnesses. A Russian like with a grin
they keep quiet, they say, Emelya is your week …

However, no, no, and something suddenly “noticeable” will be noticed over Russia.
So the other day on YouTube’s video hosting a video appeared by the user under
Nick Vladius One, which (judging by his channel) more
interested in the physical development of the body, than the alien theme.
However, what he saw over Moscow seems to be very
struck him, why he took what he saw on the camera of a smartphone and
shared it with users of your video channel.

Indeed, mysteriously moving blue-blue lights over
столицей Of Russia кажутся фантастикой или, по меньшей мере,
insoluble mystery because it is by no means
illumination, not searchlights disco, as explained this phenomenon
skeptics, but on the flight of modern aircraft not
seem to be. What is this strange, and quite silent parade over
Moscow in the evening?

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